Charity Concierge Club

For engaging employees of socially-conscious companies

It’s a membership that gives back

Charity Concierge Club

Is giving back part of your company culture,
but your employees just need a little inspiration?

Our Charity Concierge Club is for businesses that understand that one of the keys to successful employee retention and recruitment is company culture. Many employees value a company culture that prioritizes community and charitable giving, whether that’s volunteering, matching donations or offering in-kind donations. 
But many companies that offer employees paid time off to volunteer will tell you that high employee-participation rates aren’t always easy to achieve.

What is included in my Charity Concierge Club membership?

Curated Communications

Curated content on specific causes that the individual employee cares about. We share the stories, and any giving opportunities (volunteering, in-kind, financial, pro-bono or events) of our Charity Partners.  


Cause Chats & Events

 Invites to online meetups where employees can hear first hand from our charity partner organizations that are advocating in specific cause areas. 

Special Offers
for Members

We’ve partnered with socially-minded businesses to give our Charity Concierge Club members special offers. Shop with your values and discover businesses that align with yours.

Get your team started with our Charity Concierge Club

Charity Concierge Club FAQ

Have a question?

One of the most common issues that companies have with their Employee Volunteer Programs is the participation rate.  Why?  Most employees aren’t involved with charities outside of work and aren’t very motivated to do their own research to see what charities they should get involved with.  Our Charity Concierge Club gives employees current opportunities from charities within their communities and delivers them right to their inbox.

Along with their curated semi-monthly communications, each Charity Concierge Club member receives
complimentary event tickets to our Cause Chats: online meetups where employees can hear first hand from our charity partners that are advocating in specific cause areas.

Each company is given their own employee sign up link to share with their team.  Each individual employee can visit the link to fill out their own personal philanthropic profile. From there, Charity Concierge Club members can expect emails with highlighted opportunities based on the causes they relate to.   

You can! You don't have to wait until your company signs up, we have individual memberships as well.  

This program is currently in a pilot phase.  During that time, we appreciate the early support and feedback, and will offer memberships at a discounted rate.  The Charity Concierge Club rate is $10 per employee per year.  Businesses only get charged per individual employee sign up.


As always, we’re happy to chat. 

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