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Finding the right corporate partners for you

Get the resources you need without the strenuous grant process

Reach potential
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Have all of the
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done for you

Move ahead
without burdening
staff resources

Business Partnership Solicitation

Active matching is our new subscription level option for our #BrokersOfGood Charity Partners. Every month we research and then select the prospective companies on your behalf. We choose the top 10 companies that would be great corporate partners for your organization based on your requests and cause area.

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What do you need to know?

Active matching is a new subscription level option for our #BrokersOfGood Non-Profit Partners. Every month we research and then solicit 10 companies on your behalf that would be great corporate partners for your organization based on your requests and cause area.

We know that most organizations don’t have the capacity or resources to allocate to finding corporate partnerships. Our solution helps your organization grow without hiring a new role or adding strain to your development team that’s already operating at maximum capacity.

We’ll send you an email to confirm the good news and then, if you’re happy to match with the interested business, we’ll make a formal introduction. From that point on, it’s up to you to form that relationship. We’re just here to help it get started. Plus, you’ll get a report from us at the end of each month outlining which companies we targeted for you and the results.

That’s easy — you can request to add more companies for that month. 

+5 companies = *$100

+10 companies = *$200

Or feel free to move around the amounts for each month.  

June = 15 companies

July = 15 companies

August = 0 companies

*This is the price for annual subscriptions. Prices for additional company solicitation varies depending on subscription level. 

You can do that! You have 15 days before the end of each month to change your ask for the following month.  We like to start our solicitation process early in the month to ensure that our 4 points of contact aren’t too close together.

The list of potential solicited companies changes each month. If you receive your first report and aren’t happy with the businesses we reached out to, we can book a consultation session with you to discuss further solicitation targets.

If after 2 months, none of the targeted companies get back to us with a “yes” or even if they get back to us with a “no,” we’ll find out the reason why… is it the ask? Are we targeting the wrong audience? And, we’ll work with you to make sure the list businesses we are targeting for you are great prospects.

Absolutely! For our current Non-Profit Partners we have other options:

1 – You can opt to pay for our 6 month plan which gives you 6 months of our active matching service. 

2 – You can opt to pay for our 3 month plan which give you three months of our active match service

3 – you can maintain your free membership that includes only our passive matching and discounted rates for our workshops

Please see our Plan Options below for more details.

If there has been 3 months of solicitation and none of the prospective partners have indicated interest in meeting with your organization, and we’ve met to rethink our strategy and outreach plan, then we can issue you a refund for the remaining months. 

You can decline a potential partner at any time. We recommend giving the other partner a reason for the declined partnerships.

You do! If there are specific companies or industries that you would like us to reach out to, we’ll do some vetting to see if they would be a good fit and we’ll connect with them on your behalf.

Once we’ve got your organization’s ‘ask,’ we research and solicit 10 companies each month. 

For each target company, this process includes:  

  • Time for research/vetting company, targeted person and contact info
  • at least 4 points of contact to the company within that month (emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, social media messages, snail mail, in-person letter drop offs, video messages). Depending on the person/company, we will choose the mode of communication we feel will have the highest success rate
  • An end-of-month report that includes which companies we solicited, why we chose them for your organization, who we contacted and the results

During a year, we will solicit a minimum of 120 contacts. That will be 120 potential new business partners that will learn about you!

With our Business Partnership Solicitation plan,

we’ll help you

Get the resources you need without the strenuous grant process

Do you wonder if the time spent writing grants is worth the grant itself? We hear you. 

With our active matching service, there’s no excessive paperwork required.  Just a simple fee, with positive results.  

All that we ask is a little bit of information about what resources you require (whether that is volunteers, monetary, in-kind, sponsorship, marketing collaboration or pro-bono donations). From there, we’ll solicit the best companies equipped to donate those resources. 

corporate partnership training webinars

Reach potential partners outside your network

When you’ve got a small organization, you don’t always have the time for networking. That’s where we come in! 

Our network of business partners spans multiple industries, from tech startups to retail and customer service experts. We want to match you with businesses that reflect your organization’s values, so let us do the the hard part of researching and vetting and find you your perfect corporate match.

With all the research and vetting!

We all know how research can be a deceptively time-consuming task. What you think will take a few minutes can quickly turn into a few hours hours your organization doesn’t always have to spare.

We’re ready to put in the work to make sure your potential business match is a great option for your organization. With everything you need to know about the company at your fingertips, all you’ll need to do is click ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline.’

Move ahead without burdening staff resources

Many of you have a small team who wear multiple hats and rely of volunteers for most day-to-day operations. We get that, and we’re here to help. For a minimal cost, we’re here to put in the hours for you to get the support you need to continue making a difference in your community. 

Here's What People Are Saying About Active Matching

HeartPress’ Active Matching is one of the best investments our charity Sea Smart has made! We’ve been trying to foster corporate sponsorships off the side of our desks for a few years but had low success rates in getting companies to meet with us, even though we seemed like the perfect fit for values-alignment and target audiences. In the first couple of months with HeartPress, we already had successful meetings with sponsors where we’re discussing long-term partnerships with initial sponsorships of up to $35,000! Even if you have development staff, I highly recommend Active Matching. The HeartPress team does the hard work of finding companies who are a good fit and then does the even harder work of connecting them in various ways to get a positive outcome. HeartPress has saved us so much time and helped us gain valuable partners who are supporting us with financial contributions, pro bono support and cross promotion! Give Active Matching a try, it will be one of the best decisions you will make for your nonprofit!

Dr. Elaine Leung

Active Matching - Business Solicitation Plan Options

Active Matching

Business Solicitation Plan
$ 1200 Per Month
  • additional taxes does apply (can cancel anytime)

Active Matching

Business Solicitation Plan
$ 1050 Per Month, Billed Quarterly
  • $2025 for 3 Months + additional taxes

Active Matching

Business Solicitation Plan
$ 900 Per Month, Billed Biannually
  • $3600 for 6 Months + additional taxes

Active Matching

Business Solicitation Plan
$ 750 Per Month, Billed Annually
  • $6000 for 12 Months + additional taxes

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Our Charity Memberships:

Starter Plan 

(Passive Matching)

Business Solicitation Plan

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