You're Team Small and Mighty

“Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

You know that the youth are our future. You also know it’s important to invest in the future. From spending your spare time coaching the neighbourhood soccer team, to acting as a volunteer supervisor for field trips, you make it a priority to support youth programs. You see the unique talent each child has, and want to make sure they get the assistance they need to become great community leaders.

Share your results! By sharing you’ll encourages others like you to be charitable this holiday season.


Here are some amazing charities in #BrokersOfGood that support the well-being of children and youth.

Build a Biz Kids

Addresses the digital divide and teaches youth valuable skills such as leadership and resiliency through their Kid Entrepreneur program.

Canada Scores Vancouver

Provides vulnerable children with free after-school programming combining soccer, poetry and community projects.

KidzFirst Canada After-School Program Society

An after-school program supporting youth to overcome barriers in their lives and to empower their future.

Sail and Life Training Society (S.A.L.T.S.)

Gives young people (ages 13-25) the opportunity to develop their confidence, character, and teamwork skills while sailing traditional tall ships on the west coast of BC.

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland

Ignites the potential of youth through their life-changing mentorship programs by matching kids with a caring mentor and providing the support they need to succeed.

ONE TO ONE Literacy Society

Pairs struggling young readers with trained literacy tutors to help children grow their skills, increase their self-confidence and blossom.
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