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Common Questions About Charity Partnerships

As a business, you might have a lot of questions about making charity partnerships. Don’t worry – that’s normal and to be expected. But don’t let those questions stop you from creating a meaningful charity partnership within your community.

The evidence is there to support the rationale behind corporate giving. The benefits to the company’s brand, employee retention, and longevity are worth the investment. Make sure that you’re a company involved in philanthropic efforts to create a competitive advantage for your business. 

Common Questions Companies Ask When Looking for Charity Partnerships

What if there isn’t one specific cause that strongly resonates with us?

Not all companies have services that have immediate ties to environmental issues, or products that would naturally support women’s causes, for example. Sometimes your company’s values, services and products doesn’t lend itself to an obvious choice for a cause to support. If that’s the case, look to your values, brand, and staff to help determine the cause they feel most resonates with the company.

Make sure that you’re a business involved in philanthropic efforts to create that competitive advantage for your business.

Our staff care about a number of different causes. What if our company can’t make a decision that would appease the whole group?

This is a good predicament. Who said there’s a rule that you only need to support just one cause? You may want to consider choosing 2 -3 causes per year to focus on and re-evaluate what causes you’d like to support the following year.

If you are looking for only one cause to support, consider creating a program that focuses on one main charity partner. Then, leave room in your budget for smaller one-time campaigns or events that support other causes that your staff feel passionate about.

What if we can’t give a big financial donation?

Although a charity likely won’t turn down a financial contribution from a reputable company, money isn’t the only valuable gift that you can give. Your time as volunteers, pro-bono services, or in-kind donations of products are just as impactful. 

Are there other benefits for my business to give back?

When there is a donation – financial, time, in-kind or pro-bono – it’s acceptable to ask what the business will receive. Charities are happy to share your generosity with their network to give your business an added promotional reach. Other benefits include new skills for employees, potential leadership and management training opportunities for staff, a higher business profile and, of course, an elevated engagement with your staff and customers.

What should we know before looking for a charity partner?

First off, you should know “why” you’re looking for a partner. Whether your charity partnerships are meant to be long-term commitments or just fun one-day activities for your employees, your “why” for your corporate giving will play a large role when choosing a charity partner.

We're dedicated to pairing charity organizations with local businesses who want to get involved and give back. We can help you identify the right charity partnership and the best course of action - one that will benefit both parties.

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