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Community Investment Starts with Shared Values

When it comes to making the decision to invest in your community, it all starts with exploring the values that your company shares with your employees. Your corporate values are the guiding principles that inform important decisions, such as how you give back. These may already be strongly defined, but are your employees on-board with them? And to what extent are you considering your employees’ values when making giving decisions? 

Considering Employees’ Values 

Current employee engagement trends show that it’s critical to consider their values when making giving decisions. According to America’s Charity Snapshot Report, “71% of surveyed employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.” Additionally, according to the Human Capital League, only 42% of employees know their organization’s mission, vision and values. Let’s change that stat. 

71% of surveyed employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.

Why Employees’ Values?

Considering employee values when making company decisions will benefit you, your company and your staff. It’s an important engagement strategy that pays off over time by creating a happier and more productive work environment. According to a post from Engagement Multiplier, engaged employees go above and beyond their company’s expectations because they feel part of a purpose that’s greater than themselves. 

Studies have found similar results. According to a 2019 study from Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees have a 17% increase in productivity and are 41% less likely to miss work. This pays off for businesses with a 21% increase in profits.

Finding Shared Values

Get on-board with what your employees value by trying this quick exercise. At your next staff meeting, gather your employees together and ask them to fill out a values diagram. The circle on the left is for them to write what they believe the company’s values are. The circle on the right is for their personal values. Take note of any shared values, and write them in the center. These are the values that will inform your giving decisions. 

Applying Shared Values to Corporate Giving

Giving decisions should be made from a place of shared values. This way, you can ensure your employees are passionate about the causes you support and also about your company’s giving culture. Once you’ve determined your shared values, it’s time to develop your giving strategy and begin your search for the right charity partner.

One strategy we know to be successful is creating an Employee Volunteer Program, which has numerous benefits to your bottom line. Companies with this kind of program offer their employees a certain amount of paid time off per year to volunteer. This model gives staff the freedom to choose the charities they want to give back to. Again, this decision should be based on the feedback you receive from your employees and on the shared values you discover. 

Ready to Learn How your Employees Want to Give?

HeartPress offers a complete assessment of your employee’s philanthropic values when you sign up for a premium account. Learn how much they value philanthropy, how they want to give back, and the most important causes they want to support. Search our online marketplace #BrokersOfGood to find and request matches with hundreds of meaningful giving opportunities, all in one place. Contact us to sign-up today!

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