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Training Webinars

Take your partnership initiatives to the next level with BrokersOfGood corporate partnership training webinars.

With our LIVE interactive sessions, you’ll learn how to build and manage successful partnerships, develop effective communications strategies, and boost ROI from your corporate partnerships. 

Join us today to take advantage of these valuable resources.

corporate partnership training webinars

Past Webinars

Ghosting: How to Handle Frustrating Corporate Contacts

Have you been ghosted before?
You’ve caught their interest, but now they’re not answering your communications.
We’ll cover what to do when communications go cold, and go over tips on how to minimize frustrating communications with companies.
AGENDA:Ghosting: Been ghosted? What should you do next?
Best practices for communications with potential corporate partners
  • Qualifying leads
  • Getting to the next ‘Yes’
Worksheets: Time set aside to work on worksheets provided to help with your next partnership call or email.

Thursday, January 19
12:00 PM PST

Ghosting: How to Handle Frustrating Corporate Contacts
Tips on Engaging Companies Post Holiday Giving

Tips on Engaging Companies Post Holiday Giving

Wishing that gift was more than a one-time donation?

  • Figure out which company donations have potential for a partnership
  •  Implement engagement strategies with new corporate donors
  • Move from transactional partnerships to rewarding relationships with corporate donors
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