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Individual employee giving program

Your checklist for success

Employees increasingly expect their company to support them in giving back to the causes they care about. So, how do companies design an employee giving program that meets strategic business goals and ensures employees are engaged? One strategy that we love is to design an Individual Employee Volunteer Program.

5 Reasons an employee volunteer program
is good for you bottom line

Employees no longer see workplace volunteering as desirable, but as an expectation. The scope of causes employees support and the ways they want to give back are widening, from speaking out on Social Media to volunteering time on the weekend, to offering a pro-bono service to organizing team fundraising events. To keep up, your business should create an employee volunteer program to meet the changing needs of today’s modern workforce.

Why have a corporate philanthropy program

Your employees are asking you about giving back. Everywhere you look, you see your competitors doing it. From within, you have a true desire to improve the well-being of your community. At this point you may be asking yourself – should my company be giving back? In case you need more of a nudge to get started, here we are!

2019 Giving trends

Looking back at how North Americans gave in 2018 can give a good indication of the shape philanthropy will take in 2019. Last year, clients and employees influenced the way businesses look at corporate giving. With a preference on ways to donate, types of volunteer opportunities to participate in, and the kind of information that encourages ongoing giving, the trend of giving has shifted for 2019.

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