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Why have a Corporate Philanthropy Program [Free E-book]

We hear this a lot from employees – how can they get their boss onboard with having a corporate philanthropy program? Our eBook will share some of the top reasons to implement a corporate philanthropy program.

Why have a Corporate Philanthropy Program

Strong, loyal employees are crucial to any workplace. 

So why spend time investing in time and money searching for employees, interviewing, testing and training if they are likely to leave if they feel that the values of the company do not align with their own?

With the growing number of Millennials in the workforce, they are savvy enough to differentiate between companies that are doing good for the sake of good, and those doing good for the sake of profit. 

78% believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money” and they “expect companies to positively impact society” (Cone Communications, 2018).

People want to feel like the company they work for is making a positive impact on the world.

Stand out from the crowd and show your employees and the industry your business’s honest connection with a corporate philanthropy program that supports organizations that align with your company’s brand or principles.

90% of of employees participating in corporate sustainability work said it improved job satisfaction and their opinion of their company (Forbes).

Get the competitive edge.

Corporate philanthropy is a huge competitive advantage for your business. It’s proven to increase employee engagement and retention, attract new customers and more.

Download our introductory guide to learn why every business should implement a corporate philanthropy program.


Have specific questions?

Contact us to find out more about how you can instigate or expand philanthropy within your own company!

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