Employee Engagement

Today’s employees want more than just a paycheque

They want purpose

Employees who take part in charitable activities are some of the most engaged employees. Studies show improved communication skills, lower staff turnover and decreased absenteeism.

A successful Employee Volunteer Program will…

Increase Employee Engagement & Productivity

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Entice New Customers

Create an Impact in Your Community

Set up an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) in 3 easy steps

Looking to set up an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP)? Whether you are a team of 3 or 300 employees, our #BrokersOfGood team is happy to help you get started. From assessment, to set up, to communication templates you can share with staff, our team can offer the guidance you need for a successful Employee Volunteer Program. 

NEW!  Companies can now sign up for our EVP Digital Toolkit.

A quick and easy way to set up an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) at your company.

We help companies: 

  • that don’t have a lot of in-house resources to create and execute an EVP on their own
  • have been wanting to set an EVP for awhile and need that extra guidance to make it happen in 2021
  • create an EVP in 3 easy steps (Yup! We’ve done most of the work for you!)
  • save time. No need for staff to spend hours creating policies, communications pieces etc. We’ve got you covered!

Your EVP Digital Toolkit includes

Custom Report & Recommendations

A series of short online surveys gives us enough information to draw custom recommendations in a report just for you.

Your report

  • gives you expert advice (without the consulting fees!)
  • the latest in best practices
  • is an easy-to-follow and practical blueprint of your EVP

Insightful Data from Your Employees

What makes a successful EVP?  Ask any employee and they will tell you that a successful EVP is very much employee led.

Get the data on

  • how employees want to be giving
  • causes they wish to support
  • volunteer work they find rewarding

Access to Support
& our Digital Library

Your toolkit includes access to our digital library with everything you need to officially launch your EVP. 

Use our digital library

  • a template to use for your EVP employee guide
  • communication templates for your website, emails and social media
  • an EVP rollout calendar 

Ready to get started with your EVP Toolkit?  

Already have an Employee Volunteer Program?

Leading companies know that involving their employees with their charitable giving is a win-win situation. However, companies often report that uptake on Employee Volunteer Programs can be low. Staff are offered 2-3 paid days within a year to volunteer, but many don’t participate in such initiatives. Why? It’s often because it’s up to the employee to find a volunteer role and get it approved.

Our Solution? With our ENGAGING Parter Plan your employees can spend less time worrying about details and more time enjoying their dedicated work hours to giving back.

With our ENGAGING Partner plan, we’ll help you

Determine employee giving goals

Our completely customizable employee-giving survey will collect data to help determine the who, how and what you should be giving to, as well as what would be the most rewarding experience for your team.

Easily find suitable volunteer opportunities

Whether it’s giving their time or expertise, easily find individual or small group opportunities for your employees that align with your company’s vision and values.

Save and share with your  employees 

When browsing through opportunities, just save (heart icon) the opportunities that would be a great fit for your team. Then simply copy and share the link in your dashboard with your team.

Get your team out in the    community

Your team can view the opportunities and sign up directly with the charities. No need to go back and forth with charities to find out what’s available, we do all of that research so that it’s quick and easy for your team to get matched!

The EVP Toolkit 

The ENGAGING Partner Plan




Right now our EVP Toolkit is *$750.  

A typical consult of an Employee Volunteer Program setup is $125/hour and around 7-10 hours. 

*message us for flexible payment options

Starting at *$150 – $300 per month (or $1500 – $2500 annually)

*depending on number of company employees

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