Welcome Pink Crown Creative to your #BrokersOfGood
Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) Toolkit.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards setting up an amazing EVP that is going to help keep your employees engaged and increase their satisfaction, performance and retention rates.

Whatever your stage of giving, whether you’ve had partnerships with charities in the past or are just beginning your giving journey, an EVP is an excellent way to elevate your support and engagement with your local community.


Now that you’ve got your toolkit, what are the next steps? 

Below you will find the forms and checklists needed to start laying the groundwork for a successful EVP.

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Gather Your Information

EVP Readiness

Is your company ready for an Employee Volunteer Program?  This short set of question takes only a few minutes to answer and will help prepare you for the next two surveys. 

Cause Quiz

Your company’s values, social impact goals, the demographic and interests of your clientele (and employees!) are all factors when choosing which cause areas your company should support.   

The Best EVP for Pink Crown Creative Survey

The best EVP for your company is one that is customized just for your team and industry. This survey is the final piece that you need to answer to help us create your custom report.  

Engage Pink Crown Creative Employees

Send staff the EVP Employee Engagement Survey

At HeartPress, we believe that philanthropy shouldn’t be a top down approach. Where and when you can, your employees should be involved in the process. We have a standard survey that can be sent out to your team, and you’re more than welcome to customize the survey to suit your company’s goals. We collect the data and deliver the results to you to be used to help determine the: who, how and what you should be giving to.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Pink Crown Creative's EVP Report & Recommendations

You’ve done all of the work, and now it’s our turn to help.  Once the EVP Engagement Survey is completed, give us a day to turn your data into a personalized report for your EVP. You’ll find your report and recommendations on your dashboard of the #BrokersOfGood platform. Once it’s ready, we’ll send you the log in details for your account via email. 

Don’t forget to check out all of the great communication templates in your dashboard too! 

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