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Our goal at HeartPress is to bridge the gap between businesses and non-profit organizations.
Our online marketplace #BrokersOfGood allows businesses to quickly and easily support non-profit organizations in their communities.

Simply put, we act as matchmakers between businesses and non-profit organizations. We help businesses choose the right charity partner to create a give-back campaign at no cost to the non-profit organization.

We believe that businesses and individuals would be more philanthropic if they were given the information and resources to make the right giving decisions. #BrokersOfGood allows you to do just that!

We’ve created an online tool to showcase non-profit organizations to businesses who want to give back. #BrokersOfGood highlights various opportunities for businesses to get involved with non-profit organizations. Unique cash donations, sponsorship requests, volunteer positions, in-kind donations and pro-bono services are all available through #BrokersOfGood. Businesses are able to view opportunities that match their search criteria, and get involved with non-profits that have aligning values and goals.
With experience working in the non-profit sector, we understood that finding corporate donors and sponsors wasn’t an easy job. And while working in marketing for small businesses, we realized that businesses also had a hard time connecting with non-profits. HeartPress bridges the gap between the two sectors. We began testing our online marketplace #BrokersOfGood with businesses in Vancouver and Victoria, BC in October 2011.

HeartPress profits from #BrokersOfGood from the participation of businesses. Businesses can sign up for our first tier basic account, which is free of charge, or they can include paid add-on features to support their corporate giving. There are also transactional fees applied to donations made through #BrokersOfGood, no matter what tier the business has signed up for.

*We’re waiving all business fees to support the needs of charities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This information is for internal use only and will be used by the HeartPress team.

#BrokersOfGood is your number one resource to give back. Through #BrokersOfGood, you can sign-up and search hundreds of give-back opportunities from local charities to:
  • Engage your staff in volunteer opportunities (both team and individual)
  • Promote your company through sponsorship events
  • Give in-kind donations
  • Offer pro-bono services
  • Donate cash directly


Yes. With #BrokersOfGood you can:
  • Give directly to charities
  • Give in more ways than writing a cheque
  • Access vetted information on charities and opportunities
  • Search with no limits through hundreds of giving opportunities
  • Achieve strategic company giving and goals
  • Build a philanthropic profile of your whole team
  • Receive giving reports and updates to see the impact of your charitable activities


#BrokersOfGood has a few options to suit your business’ needs.
Our Basic Business Account is completely free. Sign-up for a basic account to –
  • Create a profile
  • Search through hundreds of giving opportunities
  • Request and match with local charities


Our Premium Business Account offers customized support which gives you philanthropic tools and insights to turn your corporate giving into a strategic plan. The Premium Business Account includes…
  • Individual Opportunities to engage staff
  • Donation Request management


Searching for give-back opportunities online takes time and money – we get it. #BrokersOfGood has spent hours vetting local charities so that you can access the most relevant giving information all in one place. You’ll have immediate access to the different kinds of opportunities charities are looking for – information you would only be able to find through thorough research or conversation with the specific charity.
#BrokersOfGood is a safe place for businesses to explore giving options without any pressure. Businesses remain anonymous during searches and will only be seen when they request to match with a charity. There are no commitments; it’s up to you to request when, how and to whom you wish to give.

HeartPress charges a small transactional service fee on all financial donations made to charities.


The first step to sign up with #BrokersOfGood is to complete this simple introductory form. We also encourage non-profits to attend a live Virtual Tour. Let the HeartPress team walk you through our services — save your spot using this link.

You can join our marketplace at no cost to your non-profit organization. Yes, you heard that right – it’s free!

Yes. We do take a transactional fee for any financial transactions. The fee is based on a sliding scale and is 3.5% or less.
Absolutely! Non-profit organizations without charitable tax numbers are often tied to a specific charity (or charities), who is the ultimate receiver of any donated funds. In the marketplace, these non-profits have a HeartPress profile and opportunities that are linked to the registered charity.

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