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Give to Non-Profits in Vancouver & Victoria this Holiday Season

What causes do you support? Whether you find yourself volunteering to coach your daughter’s soccer team, protesting at the latest climate change rally, or serving a hot meal to a person in need, we all have causes that are close to our hearts. There are a number of non-profits in Vancouver and Victoria, consider giving to one this holiday season.

CAUSES for CHRISTMAS: Vancouver & Victoria Non-Profits

There are many non-profits in Vancouver and Victoria that are supporting our communities. In the days leading up to Christmas, HeartPress will be highlighting various causes and listing local organizations that are worthy of your support. Browse through our list of non-profits, get to know their work, and then donate directly to the organizations that speak to you. 

Children & Youth

Support children and youth! You know that the youth are our future, and that it’s important to invest in the future. From spending your spare time coaching the neighbourhood hockey team, to acting as a volunteer supervisor for field trips, you make it a priority to support youth programs. You see the unique talents each child has, and want to make sure that they get the assistance they need to become community leaders.


Protect the environment! You love to transit out of the city and spend your weekends climbing mountains, getting out on the ocean, or hiking through the forest. Your appreciation for nature has led you to fight for cleaner air and water, and a green economy. You love the natural beauty of our planet, and you’ll go toe-to-toe with climate change deniers to protect it.

Arts & Culture

You understand that art is an essential form of expression that enriches our understanding of human nature, communities, cultures… or, you just like pretty colours. You love to spend your weekends checking out art exhibitions, live music events, or attending cultural festivals. (And yes, food truck festivals definitely count!)

Health & Wellness

From building a work/life balance that suits you, to spending time exercising and eating well each week, you actively seek out ways to maintain your own mental and physical health. You also know how important it is to fund medical research so that everyone has the chance to live a healthy life. You’re a regular at the annual breast cancer run, and this year you’ll be faster than ever!

Housing & Food Security

Regardless of your opinion on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you wholeheartedly believe that we’re all entitled to the basic necessities of life – food and clean water. When those snow or wind storms roll through your area, you ramp up your support for local food banks and shelters. You find great reward in serving others, and you’re always looking for opportunities to help out.

Human Rights

While it can be tough for 7.5 billion people to get along in peace and harmony, you’re willing to fight (metaphorically) the good fight to make it happen. After all, regardless of someone’s appearance, origin, or beliefs, we’re all human and we all deserve to be treated with respect. Whether it’s petitioning your MLA to support equal access to education initiatives, or just making sure your friends are okay, you’re always working towards a fairer world.

Women’s Causes

It may (still) be a man’s world, but you’re working towards total gender equality. You believe that by amplifying women’s voices and work, our communities will become healthier and stronger. Your goal is to make sure that women get the resources they need to reach their potential. Eliminating that wage gap wouldn’t hurt, either!

Looking for a great gift idea?  We’ve got you covered!  Make a donation in someone’s name or send them an e-card for them to choose!  Connect with us to make that happen.  


*Note: ALL donations made are done DIRECTLY to the charity. Our platform has a small service fee (2.5% – 3.5% depending on amount) which is charged at the time of the donation.

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