Hey Changemaker!

A spotlight on companies with a strong social impact game.

Are you a changemaker? Then you deserve a spotlight

We’re excited to be launching a social impact page called Hey Changemaker! It’s a spotlight on businesses committed to making a positive impact. Are you working for a company known for giving? Continue reading to see how you can apply to join Hey Changemaker! 

{BONUS!} Businesses who qualify can join Hey Changemaker! for free. 

Why Hey Changemaker?

Are you a person that wants to support and work for companies that align with your values and are making a positive impact in their community? Well, you’re not alone.

43% of employees say they are reconsidering their current job because their company is not doing enough to address social justice issues externally 
(Porter Novelli’s 2021 Business & Social Justice Study)


62% of consumers believe a company’s purpose is an important factor 
(Porter Novelli’s 2021 Business & Social Justice Study)

We noticed during our research that many small and medium-sized businesses do not have easily accessible information that shares their social impact. We know this is important to our customers and employees, but we had to ask ourselves — why hasn’t anyone made it EASY to find the businesses that people want to support and work for?

So we decided to do something about it….

Here’s our Hey Changemaker! site – a spotlight on businesses with a strong social impact game. 

These are the businesses that go above and beyond those in need. These are the businesses who believe that putting people first – both in the company and within their communities, is the right thing to do.

We wanted to offer a space that compiles all the information that your potential customers and employees can get access to. A visible space where your work can inspire other businesses to give back and up their social impact game. 


How does a business get on Hey Changemaker?

Get nominated

Anyone can nominate a business.  Fill out our nomination form to get started.  Our team will assess the nominations and follow up with businesses that fit the Hey Changemaker! criteria. Once approved, we’ll send along everything that a business needs to fill out their spotlight.

Fill out your profile

A Hey Changemaker! profile is an opportunity to communicate charitable partnerships, community involvement and illustrate how they embody their values. Companies can  share photos, videos and testimonials from charity partners. 

Share your story

Many companies will tell us that they aren’t giving back for the recognition, and they won’t often ‘toot their own horn.’ We always tell them that the good work that they are doing should be seen because it inspires others to do the same. Once a profile is complete, that business will get a Hey Changemaker! badge to share on their site.

Do you know a business you want to nominate?

 You can nominate a business in your community that you think is worthy of being featured on Hey Changemaker!  Or maybe that business is your company?

Click on the nominate button below to shine a spotlight on a deserving business. 

We can’t wait to hear from you and see who you nominate!

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