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Make a bigger impact with your corporate giving

In today’s market everyone wants to be more philanthropic, but being strategic takes time and planning. We offer custom assessments, strategic planning, guidance and support at every step. With the research and vetting in our hands, our experts provide you with options from our hundreds of charity partners, for a strategic philanthropic partnership that is a win-win for everyone.

Which #BROKERSOFGOOD plan is right for you?

Save time and money

Get access to vetted charities without doing all of the work, and ongoing support and set up with charitable partnerships.

Did you know that we spend an average of 4 -6 hours getting to know each and every charity partner?

We stay up to date with their needs so that your business is matched with the current needs of the charitable sector. And . . . all of this information is available to you in your customized dashboard. Once you’ve been partnered we also manage a lot of the communications and expectations, saving you time and money.

Find out how this works.

Recruit and retain employees

You already know that today’s employees want more than just a paycheque; they want purpose. Access hundreds of unique volunteer opportunities in #BrokersOfGood to connect your employees with causes that matter. A standout community investment portfolio also recruits great talent and entices new customers.

We can support employee engagement at your company.

Become a Company Known for Caring

Whether you’re busy supporting a number of community initiatives, or someone who is just starting out, HeartPress #BrokersOfGood is your number one advocate for the good you do.

Connect with a #BrokersOfGood team member to chat about your options.

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