Match Ready - Corporate Partnership Training Program

Match Ready is a full training program to help organizations solicit, build and manage corporate partnerships.

 Give your entire team the skills of a seasoned corporate partnership manager

Corporate Partnership Training Program

What if you...

Could get the attention of companies with just 3 sentences?

Had a list and solicitation strategy for 20 companies that fully align with your values?

Could handle corporate partnership solicitations with just 2 hours each week?

Could easily navigate frustrating partnership communications like ghosting?

Had weekly expert guidance for 12 months?

And get this subsidized?

Not another theoretical course

Our pragmatic approach will have you successfully soliciting businesses
with ease and confidence - in just a few short hours a week!

Own Your Pitch

What makes your organization’s story compelling? Creating a pitch starts with determining what will hook your audience. Our course will walk you through the steps of creating the perfect pitch and delivering it with confidence in any setting.

Get the Right Prospects

Who is your target audience? What information do you need to know about a company before solicitation begins? Discover the best tools and practices for finding like-minded businesses who are a strong prospect for a partnership with your organization.

Save Time Soliciting

We’ve created a foolproof solicitation plan that can have you handing your corporate partner relations in just 2-3 hours a week! With templates and examples to guide you, our tested and proven methods keep solicitation organized and simple.

Be Confident with Cold Calls

Feel confident going into a phone call with a prospective business partner by practicing various potential scripts with our team. Our mock phone-call practice will help your team prepare for any conversation scenario.

Master Managing Partner Relations

Learn how to guide your conversations towards your desired partnerships and handle responses and meetings like a pro! We’ll teach you what language to use and walk through various scenarios so your organization can feel confident in maintaining its new business relationships.

Feel Supported with Every Step

We offer 12 months of ongoing support to make sure your team has everything they need once they start soliciting on their own. From troubleshooting to clarifying questions, and reviewing assignments, we’ve got your back!

Get MATCH READY and gain the RIGHT Corporate Partnerships

Match Ready FAQ

We have a new cohort every month (excluding August, November, December) starting on Jan, 2023.

Up to 5 organizations per intake

Match Ready is a self-paced, eight-chapter course with several five-minute video lessons per chapter along with assignments and exercises you will be expected to complete and submit. There are 16 assignments and each can take between 20 to 40 minutes to complete. As this is a self-paced course, you will have 12 months to complete all video lessons and assignments before your team’s access to Match Ready expires. 


You will also have access to weekly office hours where you can come to us with your questions or to review any assignments you’ve submitted. Office hours are optional for your team. 


Match ready also includes 4 review and practice sessions (1.5 hours) where you can practice your pitch, review your system strategies and gain confidence in your organization’s ask and ability to navigate corporate partnership communications. These sessions can be booked on our calendar according to your team’s schedule and are open for all team members to attend. 

Any team members, including board members or volunteers, can have access to Match Ready once your organization has signed up. 


We understand that taking on corporate partnership management can feel like a full time job. Allowing multiple team members to take part in our lessons helps maximize your solicitation potential and ease the workload for each employee. Our course is designed so that these skills can be easily incorporated into your organization's weekly tasks without overwhelming your team.

Our course is delivered through the platform Thinkific. It includes 8 chapters with several five-minute video lessons per chapter along with assignments and exercises that need to be completed and submitted through Thinkific. We take a practical approach to our lessons and want to make sure your team gets hands-on experience with solicitation in addition to learning theoretical skills.


Our course ensures that your team members are comfortable handling partnership management through practice. Not only will you be learning best practices, but you will also get to try out your new skills as lessons progress.

That’s fantastic! Each team member participating in Match Ready will receive their own login information and account with Thinkific. This is to prevent any conflict in progress made if you are all completing the lessons on different schedules. 


For assignments and worksheets, organizations only need to submit one copy for the whole team. If someone in your team has already submitted the assignment, feel free to skip ahead to the next lesson. However, the assignments are important exercises for your entire team, so we recommend each team member completing them even if you don’t need to submit your individual work. 

  • Practical, hands-on experience researching and soliciting companies that share your organization’s values and are good candidates for continued support
  • All the skills a seasoned full-time Corporate Partnerships Manager would bring to the table for your whole team to share at a fraction of the cost with minimal necessary time commitment
  • A professionally reviewed pitch that will capture businesses’ attention 
  • Relationship management skills that will help your team handle the most difficult business communications
  • 12 months of ongoing support to help your team with any troubleshooting or inquiries that come up when they start soliciting on their own
  • A list of 20 prospective companies, hand picked by the BrokersOfGood, to help get your team started

The first five companies will be given to your team by Chapter 4 of the program. The remaining 15 companies will be received upon completion of all eight chapters.

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