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#NationalVolunteerWeek2021 Barth’s Story | BC Military Family Resource Centre

Volunteering has changed a lot this past year, but despite the challenges, many have come together to display awe-inspiring acts of kindness and support for their community. This National Volunteer Week, HeartPress #BrokersOfGood is celebrating 22.7 million volunteers across Canada by featuring stories from local volunteers in action. This week we spoke with Barth, a volunteer with BC Military Family Resource Centre.

Mainland BC Military Family Resource Centre (BC MFRC)

The BC MFRC has been providing resources and services to military families throughout British Columbia since 2003. They want military families to confidently thrive in supportive communities and their mission is to support families by providing resources and services that address needs which are unique to military life. 

Describe your volunteer role with BC MFRC

I initially helped with events in this community of military families. After I recognized that there was an opportunity, I began functioning as an intermediary between the team’s technology needs and companies that sell goods and services. 

Did you need any special skills or past experience for this position?

In addition to technical generalist experience, I also leverage interviews and documentation to communicate the deeper aspects of operational needs and technology offerings. 

How did you find out about BC MFRC and their volunteer positions?

It started off with when I wanted to send a parcel to my son, who was deployed overseas. It was after BC MFRC helped with Morale Mail that I became interested in their other programs and opportunities, leading me to become more involved with the organization. 

Why did you decide to volunteer?

It was when I retired where I decided to pursue curiosity and follow my values. By actively volunteering, it allows me to feel connected to my son’s military life. And through this, I am able to continue exploring and growing. 

Did anything surprise you?

Something that dawned on me was that without work-related motivations, salary, and supervision, I needed to develop more self motivation.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to volunteer?

If you allow yourself to make that step forward into new opportunities, you will discover how fulfilling it can be.

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Thinking About Volunteering?

Despite COVID-19, there are still ways to safely volunteer from the comfort of your own home. #BrokersOfGood has opportunities to become a virtual volunteer with non-profit organizations. Sign up with us today to get started!

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