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Non-Profit Highlight | Creative Humanizing Project

This week’s Non-Profit Highlight features the Creative Humanizing Project – an organization formed in early 2020 to support individuals who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. We spoke with Brianna Green, Co-Founder and Executive Director, to learn more about their vision and upcoming event.

How did you and your co-founders meet?

The other two founders and I met each other through volunteering at a Federal prison. We realized the three of us had similar goals and passions. We discussed planning a fundraiser for a half-way house in town which quickly turned into a bigger idea. Thus, the Creative Humanizing Project Society was formed! The process was started about 10 months ago and we officially incorporated on January 8th, 2020

What inspired the three of you to start the Creative Humanizing Project? 

The men we worked with in the prison inspired us. Hearing their stories and experiences resonated with all of us. We knew that together, we could create an organization that would not only address public safety, it would give individuals impacted by the criminal justice system a chance to tell their story and be part of the solution.  

What are your objectives for 2020?

Our objectives for 2020 are to meet with several community partners, such as other non-profit organizations, law enforcement, local businesses and start the conversation about how we can work together to improve public safety, increase public education and community engagement. 

Who do you partner with and where are you located?

Currently we partner with Bill Mudge and the Laren Society. Our clientele are individuals who are currently incarcerated, those who are working on reintegrating back into the community and community members. We are in Victoria BC, and actively working within our communities. Currently we are looking for the right location to call ours!

How can businesses and individuals get involved with or contribute to your mission?

Anyone who is interested in volunteering with us or learning more can send us an email at creativehumanizingproject@gmail.com

Additionally, learn about CHP at our upcoming fundraiser the Half Way Home Project on March 14th at Spaces at Uptown. The fundraiser is an art show that showcases art from those currently incarcerated and those who are beginning their life outside of the prison system. We are working on our website launch which will provide more information on how to participate and or contribute to CHP, including a few fun projects we have coming out soon! 

What challenges have you and your team overcome ? How about rewarding moments?

Overcoming stigma or bias within the community to have the appropriate conversations with individuals and businesses. 

The most rewarding moment so far has been seeing how supportive people are about our initiative, when we start talking about our goals and reasoning for starting CHP, we receive a lot of positive feedback and understanding of the need for our work.  

Are you a business who wants to support a non-profit?

Contact us to sign up for our free basic account to start searching for local non-profit projects in your area. (Vancouver & Victoria communities only at this time)

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