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Non-Profit Highlight | WITS’ Pink Shirt Gala

The Pink Shirt GalaWITS Programs Foundation‘s signature event in support of bullying prevention, falls on February 29, 2020 this year. We chatted with Mindy, WITS’ Communications Coordinator to get the scoop!

What is the Pink Shirt Gala?

The Pink Shirt Gala will be an evening of PINK, with pink-inspired cocktails, food, décor, dress, entertainment, and surprises. On the 3rd Wednesday in February, Pink Shirt Day is recognized across Canada. WITS is recognizing Pink Shirt Day with the Pink Shirt Gala, so that adults can get dressed in their best pink attire, have some fun, and most importantly, help the WITS Programs reduce bullying! ​

 So…why the colour “pink” ?

The original Pink Shirt Day was organized in Nova Scotia in 2007. After a ninth grade student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school, Travis Price and David Shepherd bought and distributed 50 pink shirts to other students the very next day. ​After 12 years as a passionate advocate, Travis Price is working closely with WITS and will attend and speak at the Gala.   

 How can businesses and individuals get involved with the Gala? 

​There are many opportunities: as a partner in the event by providing sponsorship, introducing Travis Price, purchasing a table, providing raffle and silent auction prizes; or simply getting a few friends together, putting o​n your pink party attire and coming to the gala! Tickets to the event can be purchased through Eventbrite. 

This is your second annual Gala – how did the first one in 2019 Gala go? Are you changing anything for this year?

 The first Gala surpassed our expectations: one attendee said it was the best gala he had ever been to! A frequent gala goer said it was more like a 5th year gala than a first!  This year we are hosting the gala at The Breakwater District at Ogden Point, Pier B, the prizes are much bigger, we’re adding new entertainers, and going later so guests can dance longer. We plan to keep it fresh and excitingevery year, with lots of entertainment and unique elements.    

The first Gala surpassed our expectations: one attendee said it was the best gala he had ever been to!

Describe your team and all of those involved with the WITS Programs Foundation.

WITS is a charity with four staff, an awesome Board of Directors, lots of volunteers, and program partners like the Red Cross. When it comes to events like this it’s “all hands on deck” so staff, volunteers, board members, and even some of our family members pitch in to get everything done. For the Gala, we work with Deborah Bricks of Deborah B Events – an amazing event planner.

What has been the most rewarding moment you’ve experienced working with WITS Programs? 

 I’m really proud of the first Pink Shirt Gala. Although I was involved in every step of the planning, when the tables were set and the room was fully decorated, I was really impressed! It was extremely rewarding to see the looks on our guest’s faces when they walked into the room and then to see them having so much fun during the evening. 

Another moment was when I attended a WITS assembly at my daughter’s elementary school and heard the whole school reciting the WITS oath. It struck me how important the work WITS is doing really is and it’s very rewarding to be a part of an organization that is working to effect real change in kids’ lives.

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