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Boost your organization's fundraising success with our Corporate Partnership Skill-Training Courses

Match Start

Gain the skills you need to secure meaningful corporate partnerships that last

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Match Lead

Stop wasting time!  Reserve your resources and efforts for prospects that are more likely to say, YES!

Match Ready

Get the corporate partners you want with the confidence, expertise and access to our business network 

Empower Your Non-Profit with Our Proven Corporate Partner Management Methods and Strategies

The BrokersOfGood are here to support you with making meaningful and lasting connections with businesses

BrokersOfGood - Match Start

For organizations looking for self-paced skill training to secure and manage new and ongoing corporate partnerships.

Self-Paced Engaging Video Tutorials that Cover:

    • Getting Your Organization Ready for Corporate Partnerships
    • Crafting Your Pitch
    • Target Audience & Prospect Research
    • Solicitation Best Practices, Funnels, Communications
    • Partnership Communications, Renewals and Negotiations


+1 Bonus Session with our experts

*Subsidy Available

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BrokersOfGood - Match Lead

Match Lead will help your organization save valuable time and resources by identifying the right companies to approach. We handle all the research and vetting so you have the insights you need to make your solicitation successful.

Your Top 20 Corporate Prospects Including information about:

Advanced Key Contact Information

  • email, phone, position, details on contact’s giving history, cause alignment, etc.

Giving Program Details

  • specific parameters, processes and timelines so you know exactly when and how to apply!

BrokersOfGood - Match Ready

Ready to level up your corporate partnership game? Whether your organization is a beginner to corporate partnerships or has several already under their belt, our Corporate Partnership Training Program gives you:

  • Practical, hands-on experience researching and soliciting companies
  • All the skills of a seasoned, full-time Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • An action  plan to handle corporate partnership solicitations with just 2 hours each week
  • A professionally reviewed pitch that will capture businesses’ attention
  • Relationship management skills that will help you navigate frustrating partnership communications like ghosting
  • ongoing support from our experts with weekly office hours for 12 months
  • A list and solicitation strategy for 20 companies that fully align with your value

*SUBSIDY AVAILABLE. In some provinces pay only 20%

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