Save time and resources with our Prospect Research

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so you can focus on making a difference.

Prospect Research

Tired of spending time that you don’t have on finding potential corporate partners for your organization? We’ve got you covered.

Our Prospect Research service will help your organization save valuable time by:

  • Identifying companies with the right alignment
  • Getting the information of key company contacts in charge of giving
  • Accessing vital information about the company’s giving process and timelines
  • Being kept accountable throughout the solicitation and negotiation processes
  • Building a successful solicitation system for your organization – our solicitation strategies have a 40% open rate and minimum 10% conversion rate
  • Introducing you (via email or phone) to all of your prospects

Qualify Your Non-Profit's Potential Donors with Confidence

BrokersOfGood gathers everything you’ll need to make informed connections and increase your chances of a lasting partnership.

The Good Lead

The Great Lead

The Ultimate Lead

An image of two people reviewing the details of the Brokers of Good basic prospect research

The Good Lead

Get ahead of the competition with The Good Lead. You’ll have access to a number of prospects (typical range is between 1 to 25) for your organization, giving you a head start in securing partnerships.

  • Key contact information – With advanced information on each key contact, including details on their giving history and cause alignment, you’ll be able to tailor your approach to each individual and increase your chances of success.
  • Giving program details – With the giving history of each prospect, including information on previous charities and events, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see which companies have given in the past and where your organization fits in.
  • Company information – Receive all of the essential background information about the company that you will need in order to successfully solicit.

The Great Lead

With The Great Lead, you’ll have access to all the information in The Good Lead, plus much more.

  • 10 points of contact path – We use various solicitation tools, metrics, and benchmarks to ensure that our non-profits are capable of measuring their performance throughout the solicitation process. 
  • Customized solicitation strategy – Receive our tried and true solicitation strategies, which feature open rates of over 40%. Your solicitation strategy should be based on proven results!
  • Accountability program – We ensure that every step of your non-profit’s solicitation journey is tracked and managed. From initial contact to donor engagement, we provide transparent and thorough feedback – empowering your organization to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change.
An image of four people reviewing the details of the Brokers of Good premium prospect research

The Ultimate Lead

With The Ultimate Lead (our most premium package), you’ll have access to all of the services in The Good Lead, as well as The Great Lead.

  • Introductory emails – We take it one step further and personally introduce you to each of the prospects that have been selected for your organization. These introductions not only initiate the engagement process but also lay the groundwork for building strong rapport and trust.
  • Additional follow-ups – We are in it for the long run, as are you! That’s why our support continues beyond the initial prospect research. Our goal is to provide continuous support so that your organization can secure that strong corporate partnership!
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