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Social Impact Strategy

Your customized corporate philanthropy report

For companies looking to improve their overall social impact.  Gain insightful data from your employees, custom recommendations and implement the latest in best practices. 

Your Social Impact Strategy is your custom report broken down into three main components: 


Your current and past giving history says a lot about your company. With a series of short online surveys, we put together information to create your company overview. 

Your Giving Story give us information to
  • Assess missed opportunities in previous give backs 
  • Make the best recommendations for future charity partnerships
  • Create the baseline for a successful year of giving

Employee Engagement

Is your social impact lacking employee engagement? We gather insightful data directly from your employees to help increase employee participation and engagement.

Get the data to level up
  • How employees want to be giving 
  • Causes they wish to support
  • Volunteer work they find rewarding
  • Honest feedback on previous company giving activities 

Custom Recommendations

We offer our top recommendations for ways to create or improve your existing corporate giving program based on your company’s specific goals and employee feedback. 

Optimize your
social impact with
  • Best practices in your industry
  • Specific charity partnership suggestions that align with your brand
  • A blueprint for your corporate giving — your guide to how to maximize your social impact

Get started on your Social Impact Strategy

Social Impact Strategy FAQ

A social impact strategy gives companies the “whole” picture of their giving: history, current giving, and future recommendations. It takes into account your company values along with the values of your employees and gives direction and purpose to your giving. A social impact strategy also offers helpful guidelines and suggestions that will make your company’s giving more meaningful.

  • Any business that is thinking about developing a giveback component to their company or would like to strategize around a continuous and purposeful CSR program which includes partnering with organizations that compliment their company and employee values

  • Any business with a CSR program that wants to add structure and purpose to their giving. Don’t wait for the perfect organization or giving opportunity to find you
  • Companies with a low engagement rate in their volunteer or giving programs who want a comprehensive report that captures what their employees are passionate about and which types of giving they find meaningful.

Company Overview

  • This section collects key data about your company’s past giving and future giving goals and gives you a comprehensive summary about where your company is currently at with their social impact and where your future ideal would be 

Employee Engagement Survey

  • This section collects data directly from your employees to find out what kinds of giving they find meaningful. This includes everything from the causes they are most passionate about, how rewarding they find different types of giving, and which ways they prefer to see their employers connecting with their communities

Custom Recommendations

  • Based on the data collected above, we’ll offer you some custom recommendations we think will help you get your new volunteer or giving program started. IF you already have a program, your recommendations will suggest ways to help elevate and increase participation in your existing program. In addition, we’ll also list three local charity organizations we think would be great partners for your company, along with some few suggestions about what those partnerships could look like and how to get them started

Do you have a low engagement rate in your volunteer or giving program? Or maybe you’ve been giving for a while but are seeking some guidance? Our Social Impact Strategy is a comprehensive report that captures what your employees are passionate about and which types of giving they find meaningful. It is a great way to help understand which areas your program can change to level up your team’s engagement.

Employees are given an online survey to fill out that collects information about what causes they’re passionate about, what ways they like to give back, and how much value they get out of their company’s social impact.

You can decide what percentage of participation you require to get accurate data from the employee survey component of your report.

Not a problem! Our employee survey is digital and information can be collected from different offices and remote locations. 


For Charity Recommendations: we’ll look into organizations that have chapters in more than one city or look for organizations that have similar goals in different cities

The timeframe to complete each portion is up to you.  Some companies with a rich giving history and a large employee base may take up to a few weeks to complete their surveys, while other companies may only need a few days.

After submitting your data, the estimated time we should have your report to you — depending on number of employees who participated in the employee survey — is within a week.

A full giving history is not necessary as long as you know the company’s main giving activities from the past couple of years.

Some time is required by the company to collect all the data that will give you an accurate snapshot of your company's history, goals and employee values.


Depending on number of employees,  The Social Impact Strategy starts at $2000 for companies with less than 50 employees. 

*Ask us about our Case Study discounted rates

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