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Step Up Your Giving With New Features in #BrokersOfGood

Hey businesses! Let’s talk. We’re excited to announce the launch of our two new features in #BrokersOfGood – employee volunteer program support and a donation request management system. Let us help you become a company known for caring. 

New Feature #1 | Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) Support

According to America’s Charity Snapshot, “60% of businesses offer their employees paid time off to volunteer.” Studies also show that employees who participate in charitable activities are happier and are more invested in their work. This means lower staff turnover, attracting top talent, improved communication skills, and decreased absenteeism.

However, our research shows that the uptake on EVP’s can be low. Staff are offered 2-3 days off per year to volunteer, but we often see only a small percentage of employees taking advantage of this opportunity. 

60% of businesses offer their employees paid time off to volunteer.

Our Solution? Share More Meaningful Give-Back Opportunities 

Your employees have unique interests, and you’ll need to find a variety of individual volunteer opportunities that appeal to the different people on your team. Let the HeartPress team help you to create an Employee Volunteer Program and use #BrokersOfGood to search and share opportunities with your employees. With an established plan and #BrokersOfGood, select opportunities that are relevant to both their personal interests and the strategic vision of your company. 

It works like this:

  1. Sign up for #BrokersOfGood and take an employee philanthropic assessment – how your employees want to give and what causes are the most meaningful to them.
  2. If you don’t already have an Employee Volunteer Program in place, let us know and we’ll work with you to create an effective and meaningful plan of action.
  3. Get searching! #BrokersOfGood has many opportunities for your employees to volunteer or offer pro-bono services to a local non-profits. 
  4. Save and share the opportunities with your staff, and then get out there in the community!

New Feature #2 | Donation Request Management

Is your company flooded with donation requests from non-profits? Do you want to give back but need help managing all of the requests? Our donation request management feature sounds perfect for you. 

Our Solution? Streamlined Donation Request Management

The donation request management feature gives non-profits the opportunity to request monetary donations, volunteers, pro-bono services, an in-kind donations or event sponsorship from your business through a button on your website. We work with you to create guidelines for each request in order to get the key details that you’re looking for.

All incoming requests go to your #BrokersOfGood dashboard. We vet each request to ensure that all the information that you need is there, with no additional research required on your part. Accept or decline the request with one click and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Want to Learn More About EVPs and Donation Requests? We’ve got you covered.

After a quick read of the following HeartPress blog features, you’ll be an expert on all things corporate philanthropy and want to take the next step in becoming a company known for caring:

Ready to take your corporate philanthropy to the next level?

We’re here for you. No matter what stage you’re at in your company giving, #BrokersOfGood has a solution. Contact us for more information on signing-up.

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