Reach your full potential with our Strategy Support

We provide the resources and support needed
to build resilient corporate partnerships.

Strategy Support

It can be difficult to navigate a corporate partnership relationship when there is so much at stake. Let us serve as your trusted ally, providing objective guidance and support every step of the way.

Our Strategy Support service will help your organization reach its full potential by:

  • Providing access to weekly office hours
  • Unlocking a library of solicitation resources and templates
  • Offering an extensive 8-module self-paced course
  • Conducting four personalized one-one sessions

Gone Are The Days Where You Are On Your Own

We’ll say it time and time again - you’re never alone on this journey. Think of us as your personal corporate partnership manager.

Good Strategy Support

Great Strategy Support

Ultimate Strategy Support

Good Strategy Support

Set your organization up for success with Good Strategy Support. You’ll have access to on-demand support and proven solicitation resources.

  • Weekly office hours – You’ll have access to schedule weekly support sessions with our experts, for one year! Whether you’re facing a challenge, need clarification on a concept, or simply want expert advice on your strategies – we ensure you have that support exactly when you need it.
  • Library of resources and templates – Gain access to a wealth of vetted solicitation resources and templates that meet your organization’s goals. Streamline your organization’s operations by sparing the time and resources otherwise spent on drafting solicitation material.

Great Strategy Support

With Great Strategy Support, you’ll have access to all the tools in Good Strategy Support, plus more.

  • 8 module self-paced course – We use various solicitation tools, metrics, and benchmarks to ensure that our non-profits are capable of measuring their performance throughout the solicitation process. 

Ultimate Strategy Support

With Ultimate Strategy Support (our most premium Strategy Support package), you’ll have access to all of the services in Good Strategy Support, as well as Great Strategy Support.

  • 4 one-one sessions – Receive a bundle of additional on-demand sessions to address your most pressing concerns and challenges. These sessions offer us the opportunity to delve deep into the heart of your organization, strategizing together for optimal outcomes.
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