Gifts that Give Back!

Gifts that give back

It’s been a rough year for everyone and it’s more important than ever that we do what we can to support each other. These amazing gifts all feature a give-back component which means you find the perfect gift for your loved ones and support those in need. Purchase with purpose this year and check out […]

It’s Latin American Heritage Month! | Latincouver Highlight

October is Latin American Heritage Month and we got the chance to chat with Pablo Zacarias and Camilo Betancourt from Latincouver about how this year’s celebration events have changed because of COVID-19. With most of this year’s events being hosted online, Latincouver is working hard to make sure its community knows they are there to support others. […]

What Does Volunteering Look Like Now?

With public restrictions changing all over Canada, social distancing is an important practice to be mindful of — so what does volunteering look like in this time of transition? The season of giving is almost upon us, and with so many still under financial strain, giving your time is a great way to say thanks […]

Non-Profit Highlight | Matthew House

Last week, we had the opportunity to reach out to Jacky Tuinstra, the Executive Director at Matthew House, and chat about what makes Matthew House so special and how they’re overcoming COVID-19 challenges. Check out our conversation below.  Hi Jacky! Can you give us an introduction to Matthew House? ​Matthew House was started 22 years ago […]

5 Misconceptions About Charitable Giving

There are a lot of misconceptions about charitable giving and, whether you’re a business or an individual, you may have questions about how, what and why to donate.  Misunderstandings lead to confusion which can ultimately discourage you from making charitable donations. Don’t let worthy organizations miss out on your gifts! If you’re considering giving to […]

Non-Profit Highlight | Victoria Symphony

Our latest Non-Profit Highlight features the Victoria Symphony. Tina Thompson, their Senior Sponsorship Officer, spoke with us about the organization’s community-wide projects. Victoria Symphony  — Enriching Lives through Music The Victoria Symphony is a vital part of our community and provides cultural experiences. They present artistically excellent concerts and offer an extensive community outreach and education program. Their mission is to […]

Non-Profit Highlight | Sail and Life Training Society

We are excited to feature the Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS) in our latest Non-Profit Highlight. David Eggert, SALTS’ Director of Development and Relief Captain, shed light on the organization’s dedication to the mentorship of youth.  SALTS  — Training Young People, By the Sea, For Life SALTS gives young people (age 13-25) the opportunity to develop their confidence, character, and teamwork […]

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Giving Back

Your employees are asking you about giving back. Everywhere you look, you see your competitors doing it. From within, you have a true desire to improve the well-being of your community. At this point you may be asking yourself – should my company be giving back? In case you need more of a nudge to get […]

Giving Story | Irik & Cathy

Our new series Giving Stories features first-hand accounts of individuals and businesses that give back. Whether donating time, money, items or services, those featured in Giving Stories are making a difference in the world around us and deserve to be celebrated!  Irik & Cathy Canadians like Irik and Cathy Mallie serve onboard the world’s largest […]

Non-Profit Highlight | Mainland BC Military Family Resource Centre

Our Non-Profit Highlight this week features the Mainland BC Military Family Resource Centre(Mainland BC MFRC). The organization’s Executive Director, Tracy Cromwell, spoke with us about their unwavering support for military families in BC. Mainland BC MFRC — Family First Guided by their motto “the strongest force is family,” Mainland BC MFRC focuses on supporting families that are […]

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