Gifts that Give Back!

Gifts that give back

It’s been a rough year for everyone and it’s more important than ever that we do what we can to support each other. These amazing gifts all feature a give-back component which means you find the perfect gift for your loved ones and support those in need. Purchase with purpose this year and check out […]

Check Out These National Philanthropy Day Events!

Giving season is right around the corner, and National Philanthropy Day and Giving Tuesday are in sight! It’s time to start planning our holiday-giving strategies and what better motivation than some National Philanthropy Day events? National Philanthropy Day (Sunday, November 15) is dedicated to celebrating and giving recognition to all acts of charitable giving. It’s […]

4 Easy Steps to Engage your Employees in Holiday Giving

The 2020 holiday season is just around the corner and, once again, it’s time to plan your year-end giving campaign! This year try focusing on employee participation. Not sure where to start? Look no further – HeartPress has compiled your holiday giving program checklist to help you engage your employees in holiday giving.   Step 1 […]

5 Misconceptions About Charitable Giving

There are a lot of misconceptions about charitable giving and, whether you’re a business or an individual, you may have questions about how, what and why to donate.  Misunderstandings lead to confusion which can ultimately discourage you from making charitable donations. Don’t let worthy organizations miss out on your gifts! If you’re considering giving to […]

Common Questions About Charity Partnerships

As a business, you might have a lot of questions about making charity partnerships. Don’t worry – that’s normal and to be expected. But don’t let those questions stop you from creating a meaningful charity partnership within your community. The evidence is there to support the rationale behind corporate giving. The benefits to the company’s […]

Non-Profit Highlight | The Cridge Centre for Women

This week we spoke with Marina Bazalitskaya, who shared a couple of profound stories about the impact The Cridge Transition House for Women has in the life of their clientele.  We can’t wait to share!  Hi Marina! Please describe your team and all those involved with The Cridge Transition House for Women? Our team at The […]

Local Businesses Giving Back During COVID-19

The global spread of COVID-19 has caused the need to increase hygiene, cancel social events and practice social distancing. We’re here to share a little light during these uncertain times by highlighting a few local businesses who have been doing incredible things for our community.  Despite facing financial uncertainty and major disruption, the following list […]

Donation Request Management | Establishing Guidelines

If your company supports the community, chances are you hear from multiple charities with a variety of requests. Can you sponsor our event? Are you willing to donate to our cause? Can you provide us with your service?  You might be feeling overwhelmed and that’s okay! The first step to making your giving decisions more […]

Evaluate your 2019 Charitable Giving for More Philanthropic Impact

The new year has begun and it’s the perfect time to restructure your company’s charitable giving for 2020.  Reflecting upon your 2019 giving will reveal if you’re on the right track with creating philanthropic impact, or if you need to make changes for the new year.  New Year, More Philanthropic Impact The first step is […]

3 Tips to Give Back in 2020

It’s 2020 and you’ve decided to take a proactive step towards giving. Congratulations! By supporting local charities, you truly can create impact in your community.   Setting a new goal is not always easy, but we’ve compiled our top tips to help you successfully give back in 2020. Here’s How to Give Back in 2020 – 1. […]

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