What Does Volunteering Look Like Now?

With public restrictions changing all over Canada, social distancing is an important practice to be mindful of — so what does volunteering look like in this time of transition? The season of giving is almost upon us, and with so many still under financial strain, giving your time is a great way to say thanks […]

Three Non-Profits to Support this International Women’s Day

Sunday, March 8, 2020 marks International Women’s Day – a day to take action and spread awareness about global gender equality. This #IWD2020, we’re highlighting three non-profits using #BrokersOfGood that work to protect, support and empower women and girls in BC.  What We’re Working With There is still work to be done here in Canada. A large […]

Step Up Your Giving With New Features in #BrokersOfGood

Hey businesses! Let’s talk. We’re excited to announce the launch of our two new features in #BrokersOfGood – employee volunteer program support and a donation request management system. Let us help you become a company known for caring.  New Feature #1 | Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) Support According to America’s Charity Snapshot, “60% of businesses […]

Empower Staff with an Individual Employee Volunteer Program

Employees increasingly expect their company to support them in giving back to the causes they care about. So, how do companies design an employee giving program that meets strategic business goals and ensures employees are engaged? One strategy that we love is to design an Individual Employee Volunteer Program. The most common feature of an […]

5 Reasons An Employee Volunteer Program is Good for Your Bottom Line

Employees no longer see workplace volunteering as desirable, but as an expectation. The scope of causes employees support and the ways they want to give back are widening, from speaking out on Social Media to volunteering time on the weekend, to offering a pro-bono service to organizing team fundraising events. So too, must your business […]

Tech & Philanthropy: Giving in the Tech Sector

On Thursday, January 24th 2019, HeartPress teamed up with NetSquared Victoria to create an event that enabled businesses and non-profits to speak the same language. Afterwards, we sat down with one of the panelists, Britt Shannon, Director of Customer Success, to discuss philanthropy at Race Roster. Tech & Philanthropy: Giving in the Tech Sector One of Victoria’s […]

New Generation | New Rules

Times are changing, folks! Only a few years ago, most people placed financial stability and benefits like health insurance at the top of their “ideal job” list. Today, millennials entering the workforce are looking for more, or something else altogether.  The Millennial Mindset Individuals born between 1980 and 2000 are labelled “millennials” and are often […]

The Rise of Social Enterprises

When it comes to giving back to your community through your business, social enterprises are different from corporate giving strategies, though both place a focus on the greater good.  But, what is a social enterprise? Social enterprises are organizations or businesses that are providing goods or services to the public marketplace, but have a dual purpose of “generating […]

How Do Companies Undertake Brand Activism?

Brand activism involves using your business – your brand – to advocate for a cause close to your heart, and the hearts of your loyal customers. Companies showcase their support for their causes in many different ways including public announcements, lobbying, or marketing campaigns surrounding the issue, as well as more standardized corporate giving strategies like […]

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