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the GOOD ask | Q3: Why Have an Employee Volunteer Program?

We’re back on the GOOD ask where we break down common questions that businesses ask us about their company’s philanthropy. Lori Munoz Malcolm, the founder of HeartPress #BrokersOfGood will be answering this week’s question: “Why have an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP)?” Check out her answer below! 

Q. “Why have an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP)?”

To start off, what is an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP)? 

An Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) is where a company commits to a certain number of hours or days for employees to volunteer. That can be made up of company-wide volunteer events, small group events, or paid days for individual employees to volunteer. 

More and more companies are choosing to implement Employee Volunteer Programs as part of their company’s social impact nowadays and we get a number of businesses wondering what is the best way to start one.

Like previous questions we have answered, let’s delve into the WHY first. 

Source: John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Reasons for WHY

  • Compelled to give – you see the need. Although volunteering looks different with Covid restrictions, the need within your community has never been greater.
  • Employees are asking – if your employees are asking about what your company is doing to make a social impact – then take this as a sign to start an Employee Volunteer Program – it’s one of the best ways to involve staff with your social impact.
  • Recruitment and retention – Your competitors, industry colleagues, and other companies have established employee volunteer programs – consider starting one at your company to stay competitive with today’s talent. 

As always, that was just a quick answer for today and if you have some questions, reach out and ask us! 

If you haven’t seen it already, don’t forget to check out our last episode where we answer the question of “How does my company say no to a donation request?” 

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