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Three Ways to Help Charities During COVID-19

The charitable sector needs community support now more than ever. If you’re like many of the businesses who have had to shut down, lay off staff, and face financial losses, you may be asking: “how can I possibly help when my own financial situation is so volatile?” Helping charities during COVID-19 is not limited to cash donations – there are other ways you can get involved by giving items, services, and time. Three Ways to Help Charities During COVID-19

For the last two months, our team at HeartPress #BrokersOfGood have been working with our charity partners to figure out how we, and the business community, can help their organizations and the people that they serve at this time. How we can help varies from one organization to the next. While financial support is a need for all charities, so are the many other resources for their survival.

1. Give Your Business Services

Do you have a bit of extra time on your hands? Can you donate your skills and expertise to a charity in need?

A big need for charities right now is IT and technology support as many of them navigate how to transition their programs online. This includes redesigning their website and making updates. Additionally, they have asked for help with marketing, communications, administration, and developing educational content to keep their clientele (both adults and children) engaged. 

This list is not exhaustive, so even if you don’t see your specific business service listed, we encourage you to sign up and register your available resources with us to see if there is a potential charity who could use your help. 

2. Give Items

The number one request we get for item donations are for laptops and ipads (new or used). This is not surprising considering organizations are having to work remotely to provide services to their clientele. The laptop donations are used for staff and their clientele, who may not have access to technology. 

Additionally, donations of food, snacks, PPE, cleaning supplies, soaps and other hygiene items are in high demand. We also have several organizations asking for donations of craft supplies, board games and videos – anything to keep children engaged and educated while staying home. 

3. Give Time

Just because many of us are stuck at home, does not mean that you can’t give your time in a meaningful way. There are many charities looking for volunteers, both in-person and virtually. Some examples we have seen are charities who are looking for volunteers to grocery shop and help their vulnerable clientele get the food they need. 

If you’d prefer to stay home and volunteer, there are options for you as well! We have requests from charities for volunteers to make outreach calls to their clientele to fight off social isolation and loneliness.

#COVID19 Companies Who Care

If any of the above ideas sparked something, we’d love to hear from you. HeartPress’ #COVID19 Companies Who Care campaign matches businesses and individuals with charities in need. Right now we’re waiving our sign-up fees – so join us today to register the resources you have to give and get matched. 

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Get in touch. HeartPress is the go-to resource for businesses to help during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our non-profit partners are counting on the support of local businesses and individuals more than ever. Contact us to find out how you can help.

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