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Non-Profit Highlight | Victoria Symphony

Our latest Non-Profit Highlight features the Victoria Symphony. Tina Thompson, their Senior Sponsorship Officer, spoke with us about the organization’s community-wide projects.

Victoria Symphony  — Enriching Lives through Music

The Victoria Symphony is a vital part of our community and provides cultural experiences. They present artistically excellent concerts and offer an extensive community outreach and education program. Their mission is to grab the attention of all ages through our incredible concerts and events. 

Enjoy our conversation with Tina Thompson of Victoria Symphony!

How did you get involved with the Victoria Symphony? 

The reason is “why” more than the “how,” and it was twofold. I was newly back in Canada after 15 years living and working globally as a business consultant, and I chose to come to Victoria – a totally new city to me. After a few months, I was tired of working from home, with my international clients. I wasn’t getting the opportunity to meet others in my new city. I wanted to be back in an office with good people and a social atmosphere, where I could not only meet people within my new community but also make a difference, and learn new things while having fun! 

One day I came upon an employment advertisement for the Victoria Symphony Senior Sponsorship Officer, and I knew with my specialized and extensive Sales, Business Development and business consulting background, I would be a benefit to the Victoria Symphony. I am very glad that they saw it the same way I did. 

Describe your team and all of those involved with the Victoria Symphony

The Victoria Symphony office staff is a small but tight bunch. We all have our specialties, and responsibilities, and when it’s time to come together, it’s all hands on deck and everyone steps up to help the other succeed.

The Victoria Symphony’s office staff are all very much in it for the love of music, and knowing that we are serving our community and giving back in some way. A very selfless bunch, who isn’t often recognized for the unbelievable long hours and hard work they put in too pull off the many events each year. But you’ll always appreciate their constant willingness to help out. I’m honored and lucky to have found such a great team. 

What challenges have you and your team overcome? 

There are constant challenges as a non-profit. However, recently we had our rent at the Royal Theatre raised 100%! As a non-profit in the arts community this hit us hard. We instantly came together and started working on a contingency plan that we hope will satisfy our guest, donors, sponsors, and the entire community of Victoria and will cause as little disruption as possible. 

And the Farquhar at UVic has graciously stepped up to offer us use of their theatre to fit part of our busy 2019-20 season ahead at reasonable rates that are fair to a non-profit serving the community. The Victoria SymphonyS is so appreciative at how kind and accommodating UVic has been and we truly appreciate it. Stay tuned, the Victoria Symphony has an exciting season coming ahead! 

We are working very hard and hope that our regular Symphony attendees understand that this is not anything we at the Victoria Symphony could prevent. But they can be confident that all of our work and planning is with them all in mind.

What has been the most rewarding moment you’ve experienced working with the Victoria Symphony? 

I feel rewarded regularly at the Victoria Symphony. I enjoy the events I work on, watching them come to fruition and then receiving the compliments and kudos from our guests, knowing that they enjoyed the fruit of our efforts. 

Working as a team, not only with my colleagues but also with my fabulous Sponsors. My Sponsors are so special, and I like to let them know how much not only I, but the entire Victoria Symphony appreciates their gracious giving. My entire career, I’ve been an advocate in ensuring people feel appreciated, and that their efforts are acknowledged. I feel rewarded when others feel I’ve provided them with a rewarding experience and they know I appreciate them. 

How can others contribute to the organization’s work? 

I’m looking for a couple fun, outgoing, stylish, volunteers, specifically for my events throughout the year. My volunteers have a lot of fun! And of course, as the Senior Sponsorship Officer, I am always looking for great new sponsors who would like to sponsor the Victoria Symphony by way of In Kind or monetary ways. 

Victoria Symphony is one of the many non-profits in our marketplace #BrokersOfGood.

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