Become a Company Known for Caring

At HeartPress, we're your #BrokersOfGood - providing support for all aspects of your charitable giving

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We understand that philanthropy today is more than just writing a cheque

Your company can be matched with
charities that are in need of

  • services (pro-bono)
  • products (in-kind gifts)
  • time (volunteer)
  • cash
  • corporate sponsorship partners
HeartPress #BrokersOfGood

We're for companies that...

engage their employees with charity partners
  • Have an Employee Volunteer Program? (or are looking to set one up?)
  • Challenged to find suitable volunteer opportunities for your team?
are seen as leaders in their community
  • Already giving monthly to various groups?
  • Inundated with donation requests to your company?
  • Looking to streamline your donation request process?

are ready to take giving to the next level

  • Finding it challenging to identify the best charitable partnership for your company? (locally, nationally, globally)
  • Do you give but want to give more strategically?

At HeartPress #BrokersOfGood, we’re a company with a huge social impact using technology for good. Our marketplace, #BROKERSOFGOOD, facilitates all aspects of the relationships between companies and charities. Think of us as a complete matchmaking service for businesses and charities.

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